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Iron Bird Stage: The Pinnacle of Testing for the Celeste dAS10

The world of drone technology is ever-evolving, and at Celeste Airships, we’re at the forefront of this innovation. We’re excited to share insights into a crucial phase of our Celeste dAS10 drone development: the « Iron Bird » stage.

The Mission of Celeste dAS10

Our drone is designed for extensive infrastructure surveillance, discreet area monitoring, communication relay, and automated cargo transport. These capabilities demand not only advanced technology but also rigorous testing to ensure reliability and safety.

The Importance of the Iron Bird Stage

The « Iron Bird » stage is the second phase in the development of the Celeste dAS10 prototype. It involves thorough and rigorous testing on a ground simulator, replicating flight conditions and various scenarios the drone may encounter. This stage’s main goal is to verify all drone systems’ functionality, including propulsion, control systems, sensors, communication systems, and onboard equipment.

Electronic Systems Under Test

During the « Iron Bird » stage, we integrate and test several key systems:

  • Autopilot: The X7+ ensures the drone follows the designated path efficiently.

  • Propulsion Systems: Featuring 2x fixed-wing traction systems, ensuring powerful and stable flight.

  • Flight Control: Managed by 2x metal servos for precise maneuverability.

  • Navigation Systems: Including 2x GNSS – Ardusimple, a Sky compass sensor, a magnetometer, and 2x pressure sensors.

  • Data Link Systems: With 1x H16 and 1x RFD868x TXMOD V2.2 for robust communication.

  • Energy Management: Utilizing 2x CAN PMU, 1x UBEC, and 1x SBEC.

  • ADSB in: The uAvionix pingRXPro for partial air traffic surveillance.

Remote Control and HD Video Transmission

A standout feature is the remote control system, boasting a tactile HD screen that displays a front view of the drone, effective over 40km. This feature ensures operators have a clear, real-time view of the drone’s environment, enhancing both the safety and effectiveness of missions.

ArduPilot: Enhancing Drone Functionality

The integration of the ArduPilot system is a game-changer. It simplifies mission planning, allowing operators to focus on waypoints while the drone autonomously follows the set path. This system also enables the drone to autonomously return to a defined point or hover around a specific area, reducing the need for specialized piloting skills.

Challenges and Achievements in the Testing Phase

One of the critical challenges during this phase is ensuring compatibility among all electronic systems. These systems might function independently but could exhibit unexpected interactions. Identifying and resolving these in a controlled environment is crucial for overall system integrity.

Benefits of a Common Electronic Platform

By using a common electronic platform, we significantly accelerate development times. This approach allows us to leverage tested electronics with existing flight authorizations, ensuring reliable and efficient performance.

Invitation to Witness Future Test Flights

As we continue to refine the Celeste dAS10, we extend an invitation to potential customers and enthusiasts to witness our upcoming test flights. These events offer a first-hand look at the innovative capabilities of our drone and the robustness of its systems.


The « Iron Bird » stage is more than just a testing phase; it’s where technology meets reliability. Stay tuned for more updates as we lead the way in drone technology, ensuring that the Celeste dAS10 is not just a drone, but a dependable and innovative solution for tomorrow’s challenges.

We invite you to join us in this exciting journey. Register your interest in attending our future test flights in the form.

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